Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#savehomefires Posters and Flyers

As campaigning to save the wonderful Home Fires gathers apace we know that even now, as the petition heads towards the incredible 25,000 signature mark, there are many more fans of the show who have no idea what’s been going on. How on earth can we get their attention you may ask, well what better way than to continue to move the campaign from the virtual to the physical world. Many wonderful ‘Homies’ have already started to, in particular the fabulous Kitty in her ‘Great Paxford Road Trip’ – a very witty adventure to the picturesque village of Bunbury where the show is filmed. Our inspiring and lovely petition starter Kerryn has been eager to create a campaign poster, and accompanying flyers, that everyone can access and printout and I was more than happy to deploy my pigeons again towards this endeavour. Click on the links below to download the PDFs and print the A4 poster and two A5 flyers. When printing out use the standard A4 print settings, (not borderless), and it should work like a charm, if you encounter any problems just leave me a comment or contact me on twitter @loadofolbobbins and I’ll try to help. Don't forget to join in the fun on twitter and across social media with #savehomefires

UPDATE: We now have a fabulous competition running to win a rather gorgeous 1940s themed print for those who share pics of the posters up and about. Find out more details here.

A4 Poster

A5 Flyers


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  1. Fantastic poster, Jess. I'm taking 20 with me tonight to IWM North to hand out to Homies x